holiday and the meaning of christmas for me.

Mother Dominique was from the Phillipines.  She was my 4th grade teacher at St. Ambrose.  (or St. A’s as we catholics were used to subtexting our institutions in those days).  Mother D was a kind, selfless, love encouraging woman who spoke with this small accent somehow transforming into a hesitant manner of speaking that made her sound all the more intelligent and reasonable.  In point of fact, when I was growing up, the priests and nuns absolutely were (sometimes the most) intelligent people in my life…. always marking their exclusivity of consciousness to a sky goblin and confusing the hell out of my struggling, developing, critical thinking process.  I never quite bought the whole drama because the strict discipline hypocritical insincerity and demonstrative ugly in catholic retribution; a constant … especially in schooling children…  exuded all the damn time from nearly every priest (and more than a few of the nuns).   Classic education, if self inhibiting, morally elitist, guilt anchoring and futuristic-ally of the self destructive.  Contrarily they effectively anchored in me a need, perhaps now it’s called a way of life or compulsion, to define the dynamics of eternity.   And these days, the women of the chruch, especially in America, where a current Inquisition is underway on all orders of nuns (who are now primarily admins for charities or highly touted academics), as women of “the cloth” are less than useful to the vatican.  Pedophiles are more significant.  You follow?

But the ‘holiday’ message in this post is the value in nostalgia … like my little sisters’ winding ceramic three nuns brick a brack for christmas that sings “dominique” (that old sixties tune Debbie Reynolds made large in USA of the EU nun who has since come out as an activist against catholic repression / child abuse and as noble lesbian)… the nostalgia of childhood embraces us all at this time of the year. This is my homage to the good nuns… of which there are still boatloads globally!  I’ve been sent a few articles from ole pals showing the activism of certain nuns in OCCUPY!  I am the witch in cowboy boots who is dedicated to making a better world than the one I was born into, politically and sociologically, due to in no small way, the selflessness and kindness of a few nuns.  Funny?  Hilarious!  We women are needful to hang together… the Goddess is returning to our awareness.   So, here’s to the nuns of all orders left in christ churches who might seed the evolution that 2012 will require.

On another note: “It’s a Wonderful Life” usually plays two days before or tonight … and it played a month ago.  Do you wonder why?  Banksters and corporate messengers won’t have it.  I’m just going to share a scene that explains much of my own business plan….. Goddess love me, I’m a schmuck with being ‘cut throat’ until you put a real blade in my hand.  LOL  Merry Christmas (if that’s your way).  Happy Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, Janian, (all of the rest) etc.  With hope I look to a more Earth aligned future where the Georgian calendar that disrupts so much of our natural harmony is abolished for a natural timing sequencing like the T’zolkin.  Good bye to the old time.  Hello to Indigenous time.  13 moon calendar and Indian time to run by.  Says I…..


2 responses to “holiday and the meaning of christmas for me.

  1. Thanks. I enjoyed the read. Unfortunately, the Singing Nun, whom I listened to in French as a child, committed suicide. I thank you for the memories you brought to me. I went to YouTube and found some of her French songs that I hadn’t heard her sing for over 30 years and found the pleasure of childhood for a while.

    • Belgian … Sœur Sourire, Sister Luc Gabriel. I knew somewhere that she had committed suicide, yet, my moment was in the positive memory dance. As a child, we all listened to Sister Luc, in parochial school. For a short while. Glad it brought round some nice memories. Ta for stoppin’ by Sandy.

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